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Friday, December 13, 2013

Lavatories huge dinosaur discovered

Excavations revealed a giant toilet Argentina dinosaurs 240 million years old.
Experts say they have found thousands of tons of compacted feces that had been deposited by dinodontosaurios-large-in similar to the modern rhinoceros what they are calling the world's largest public toilet herbivores.

Scientists point out that strategic defecation helped the dinosaurs gregarious parasites avoid and warn predators away to be maintained.
The mountains of manure-preserved in volcanic ash layers, as in Pompeii, also reveal clues about diet, disease and prehistoric vegetation.

Four years of work for such a horror !

Teasing and dismay at the portrait of the Danish royal family commissioned an artist.

 The glamorous and exquisite royal houses of Europe are literally death . Do not give credit to what happened. Used to take care of every detail so that the people revere as if they were blessed by the gods, are now mocked by commoners who wonder how the hell this happened.
It 's really funny and horrifying result of the first portrait of the Danish royal family commissioned in 125 years. Work Margrethe of Denmark ordered the artist Thomas Kluge ... and proved to be quite a fiasco.

The Danish press ensures that the picture could easily be mistaken for a poster of a horror movie or a job poorly patched Photoshop . Some goes further and says that might be in ads for the movie " Honey, I Shrunk the Kids " for deformity that presents some of the protagonists of the canvas.

The newspaper El Pais that he has the queen , her husband and their sons with their families appear . In the foreground of the picture and protagonist , Prince Christian , heir to the throne.

The newspaper said that according to a spokesman for the Royal Danish Collection , the idea of ​​painting the little well of " straight and severe" was that seem " aware of their future responsibilities ," but the effect has been more like a work of Stephen King . In fact, it is a dark painting and faces who appear on her show a terrifying appearance .

Thomas Kluge defends and argues that it is the image of " a modern family and a piece of real history ." And he speaks so seriously that many believe went crazy.

Meanwhile, Kluge painting outlined in Amalienborg Museum until March 2014 , when it moved to the Yellow Room in Fredensborg Palace, to the amazement of the visitors. Some can not help and smile at him. In the Royal Family do not give credit to what happened and expressed his surprise :Four years of work for such a horror !

Zoo for stuffed animals

No fences or cages or fences in the public garden in a neighborhood of Bratislava , Slovakia, but is full of monkeys , bears, an elephant and a huge lion, among many others. What happens is that all animals are stuffed .

This is the draft Tibor Marko, a pensioner of 70 who decided to open a zoo with dozens of stuffed animals to give away or abandoned .
Marko a exobrero building and grandfather, says the idea behind this curious collection of inanimate wildlife wine from their own reluctance to get rid of the teddy bears of their own children , and adults.
Then a year and a half ago , a friend gave him another bear and several stuffed animals and requested him to do something with them.
"It was there that I thought those old toys could bring happiness to other children ," he told AFP news agency .
Soft and gentle
Today, a small public garden near his house is home to more than 70 stuffed animals including a large lion, an elephant , a snake, several monkeys , bears, even a dinosaur.
"The first animals were stolen but now the neighbors bring me their old toys and my wife helps me place ," he added .
Marko also caters garden flowers but the zoo where no animal is caged and no hours of operation and cost of entry has had great success with neighbors, both young and old .
One of the neighbors , Mary, frequently visit the place with his daughter, who enjoys playing with animals, stroking , as told AFP .
And that stuffed animals have a special charm for young and old . Soft plush texture that encourages touch, flexible filler invites a hug, docile animal - expression so try one wild as a lion - inspired peace, tranquility and security.
" Within the industry of toys, stuffed animals are the oldest toys ," he told BBC News , Lina Márquez Barreto, consulting psychotherapist in Broward County , Florida , USA
"They have formed a fundamental part of the life of the child , as an adult , has memories of that time and how he felt . Teddies Thus still alive in the lives of people ," he said .
The psychotherapist adds that children have more physical contact with these stuffed animals with Barbie dolls , for example, or with electronic games, so generate more attachment.
The most recognized manufacturer of stuffed animals is the German company Steiff , in 1903 , invented the famous teddy bear , named for U.S. President of the early twentieth century , Teddy Roosevelt , who was sleeping with one of these stuffed animals.
Many others have been powerful men and women , who have taken refuge in the warmth of a stuffed animal.
Thereupon, Tibor Marko 's guaranteed to its unusual zoo in Bratislava assistance.
The other advantage is that you do not have to feed your animals and clean up after them and all who have visited a zoo with live animals know what that means .

Three behaviors that reveal a man who is not in love

There are many ways to find the answer to this question, you could consult a gypsy to read your hand or letters , you could also visit a couples therapist to tell you if you are on track and you might even desojar a flower to discover .

However, there are more effective ways to know if your partner really loves you ways. I'll reveal 3 negative behaviors that reveal a man who is not in love :
 1. Not a priority - A man in love will always put first and the plans that you made ​​never breaks . You can get your favorite city singer, but if planned something important you do not cancel .
2. Do not worried about your safety - A man who loves you because you always worry nothing bad happens . For example , I called to make sure you get good at your destination, or if you have to drive far and have a little old car, he lends you his to go safer.
3. Not interested in your family - Although a man does not carry with your family , he will always be willing to share with them in order to please the woman he loves. So even if not carried to the mother or brother wears patience in family events and always put your best face .
If a man has shown any of these behaviors , although you say you are the love of your life , chances are you do not want in the way that you deserve because, remember, actions speak louder than words. If you have to ask if someone really loves you, is a sign letting you know your gut that something is not right . When pure love there is no room for doubt .

Strategies to ensure your safety while shopping

For those who love being in malls , shopping for gifts during the holiday season is a pleasure. However, for many people
This task is a nightmare , the rows, the packages, the "parking" all contribute to the experience of " shopping" a nuisance . Anyway , safety while shopping is paramount in a season as busy as Christmas. Then a collection of safety tips to make your shopping experience stress free .

Preparation from your home
Many of us are pressed for time and overloaded with commitments. Planning your journey home will allow you to maximize your time and keep you focused , avoiding times of confusion , distraction or stress often create situations that a thief can take to make mischief .
Think ahead when go shopping gives you the time for , if you wish, you can make arrangements to leave the kids at home, and you can invite a family member or friend to go "shopping" with you. If you bring young children to malls attempts accompanied by another adult .
Perhaps, by nature, be an alert person, but this should alert not only enable you to be on the street , security must start before you leave home . Start with a selection of practical and comfortable clothing and accessories for your shopping spree. First , avoid wear valuable jewelry. This may draw the attention of any assailant. Use low shoes, emergency these will help you move with greater agility. Do not bring large handbags or backpacks. Pick a wallet that can carry median cross the chest and placed it on a few items of importance.
Create a budget and commit to respect it. So you can limit the amount of cash and credit cards you carry with you . To the extent possible, avoid having a lot of cash on hand. Keep the money in a pocket of the portfolio and not in your wallet , this way you will avoid constantly be taking the wallet . For emergencies , left in the pockets of your clothes enough change to make calls from a public phone. Keep car keys separate from the house. Doing this reduces the chances of miss all the time.
Save packages , CDs and bags you have in the car in the trunk or at home . Leave these items in plain view may be tempting to a thief. Finally , before you get in the car, check the front and rear seats for hidden people.
When parking spot
You've come to the mall. Now , the search of a secure parking space . Try to park in a place near the main entrances of the ' mall' or in areas where there is enough pedestrian activity .
If you intend to do your shopping in the evening , the parking area should have good lighting. When you get off the car, make sure you put the alarm
ma and insurance, and close windows. Try not park near large vehicles , trucks, ' vans ' and next to buses or vehicles with sliding doors , as to be easily pushed inside lend .
Find some reference point to get off the car. Doing so will prevent waste time locating the car to leave the mall .
At the mall
As you make your stay alert those around you shop. Throughout the day keep the wallet near you with closures and pockets next to your body. Do not leave your purse or packages not in sight at all times. As you doing your shopping, reduces the amount of bags you have better mobility and not miss . Get the most expensive purchases for last and then they go to your house.
If you go to the car to leave and return packages to the stores , go together . On the way to the parking lot to look around round round. Is aware of any suspicious activity and keep the keys handy . Place the key that you use between the index finger and thumb for quick access or to use as a weapon. Do not take shortcuts when parking desolate far .
As you approach the car, check that there are no people inside and placed the packages in the trunk. As far as possible , moves the carriage to a better location . Often attackers may be monitoring your activity during the day and could be waiting if you've returned several times to the same parking lot.
If you've finished your shopping, to get to the car immediately cached package and close the vehicle doors with latch. Do not remain in the parking lot accommodating merchandise
Seven tips to protect yourself
1. Instead of bringing the lost or picked up in ponytails or braids long hair , gather it into a bun so an attacker can not halarte
Two . Do not walk too slowly or entertaining with the phone because it lends itself to take you unawares. You should always
be aware of what happens around you.
Three . Try not to be alone in a dark and desolate places . This creates an environment conducive to an attack.
April . Try not to park next to two large vehicles, as this can help an attacker to hide and not be vis -
to during the robbery . Also , you could easily be kidnapped if some vehicles next to your car with sliding doors.
May . Always put on your car insurance . These are your first protection against attack .
6. Do not stay alone in the car for more than a few minutes.
7. Trust your instincts , they have helped man survive from Antiquity . If something seems suspicious, do not take it lightly and act with caution.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Black wedding dresses

Girls today are very interested in the trends and fashions, and the best is that clothing firms will respond by presenting special collections for them in every season.
This time I want to talk about any particular firm, but we want to tell you a little about 2013 trends in party dresses for girls.

The designs take this next year, usually have simple cuts that stand out more than anything in the skirt by being spacious and decorated with tulle fabric transparencies allowing a touch of elegance and finesse.

As for colors, as always white has the first place and even more so when it comes to party dresses for girls and black for the color they may be too dark and strong, so here the target will be the star of any collection .

But as girls love the colors more vivid and lively, has also chosen plain light blue or white in combination with a second option.
The sky is a beautiful tone, perfect for small light up the whole party with tThe black wedding dresses go far beyond being an innovative trend because for many it is an idea contradictory to being that tradition teaches that brides should marry white as a symbol of purity, while the black was a color related with mourning widows.
But who can against fashion? The black dresses are quite a trend today and every day more women are opting for them.

It seems strange to imagine entering the church with a black wedding dress so it is not a dress suitable for all women, only those with personality who love to have all the attention of the night be encouraged to this proposal as risky.

The black represents elegance and sobriety, but then it is also seen as "terrifying" and it is precisely the latter that we must avoid. We recommend wearing a smoky eye makeup and red lips, high brightness and light, so you're still maintaining your image of bride and turn your gorgeous wedding dress in a Halloween costume.

The black wedding dresses are quite a trend for this 2013 you'll encourage them?eir presence.