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Friday, December 13, 2013

Zoo for stuffed animals

No fences or cages or fences in the public garden in a neighborhood of Bratislava , Slovakia, but is full of monkeys , bears, an elephant and a huge lion, among many others. What happens is that all animals are stuffed .

This is the draft Tibor Marko, a pensioner of 70 who decided to open a zoo with dozens of stuffed animals to give away or abandoned .
Marko a exobrero building and grandfather, says the idea behind this curious collection of inanimate wildlife wine from their own reluctance to get rid of the teddy bears of their own children , and adults.
Then a year and a half ago , a friend gave him another bear and several stuffed animals and requested him to do something with them.
"It was there that I thought those old toys could bring happiness to other children ," he told AFP news agency .
Soft and gentle
Today, a small public garden near his house is home to more than 70 stuffed animals including a large lion, an elephant , a snake, several monkeys , bears, even a dinosaur.
"The first animals were stolen but now the neighbors bring me their old toys and my wife helps me place ," he added .
Marko also caters garden flowers but the zoo where no animal is caged and no hours of operation and cost of entry has had great success with neighbors, both young and old .
One of the neighbors , Mary, frequently visit the place with his daughter, who enjoys playing with animals, stroking , as told AFP .
And that stuffed animals have a special charm for young and old . Soft plush texture that encourages touch, flexible filler invites a hug, docile animal - expression so try one wild as a lion - inspired peace, tranquility and security.
" Within the industry of toys, stuffed animals are the oldest toys ," he told BBC News , Lina Márquez Barreto, consulting psychotherapist in Broward County , Florida , USA
"They have formed a fundamental part of the life of the child , as an adult , has memories of that time and how he felt . Teddies Thus still alive in the lives of people ," he said .
The psychotherapist adds that children have more physical contact with these stuffed animals with Barbie dolls , for example, or with electronic games, so generate more attachment.
The most recognized manufacturer of stuffed animals is the German company Steiff , in 1903 , invented the famous teddy bear , named for U.S. President of the early twentieth century , Teddy Roosevelt , who was sleeping with one of these stuffed animals.
Many others have been powerful men and women , who have taken refuge in the warmth of a stuffed animal.
Thereupon, Tibor Marko 's guaranteed to its unusual zoo in Bratislava assistance.
The other advantage is that you do not have to feed your animals and clean up after them and all who have visited a zoo with live animals know what that means .

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