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Friday, December 13, 2013

Three behaviors that reveal a man who is not in love

There are many ways to find the answer to this question, you could consult a gypsy to read your hand or letters , you could also visit a couples therapist to tell you if you are on track and you might even desojar a flower to discover .

However, there are more effective ways to know if your partner really loves you ways. I'll reveal 3 negative behaviors that reveal a man who is not in love :
 1. Not a priority - A man in love will always put first and the plans that you made ​​never breaks . You can get your favorite city singer, but if planned something important you do not cancel .
2. Do not worried about your safety - A man who loves you because you always worry nothing bad happens . For example , I called to make sure you get good at your destination, or if you have to drive far and have a little old car, he lends you his to go safer.
3. Not interested in your family - Although a man does not carry with your family , he will always be willing to share with them in order to please the woman he loves. So even if not carried to the mother or brother wears patience in family events and always put your best face .
If a man has shown any of these behaviors , although you say you are the love of your life , chances are you do not want in the way that you deserve because, remember, actions speak louder than words. If you have to ask if someone really loves you, is a sign letting you know your gut that something is not right . When pure love there is no room for doubt .

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