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Friday, December 13, 2013

Four years of work for such a horror !

Teasing and dismay at the portrait of the Danish royal family commissioned an artist.

 The glamorous and exquisite royal houses of Europe are literally death . Do not give credit to what happened. Used to take care of every detail so that the people revere as if they were blessed by the gods, are now mocked by commoners who wonder how the hell this happened.
It 's really funny and horrifying result of the first portrait of the Danish royal family commissioned in 125 years. Work Margrethe of Denmark ordered the artist Thomas Kluge ... and proved to be quite a fiasco.

The Danish press ensures that the picture could easily be mistaken for a poster of a horror movie or a job poorly patched Photoshop . Some goes further and says that might be in ads for the movie " Honey, I Shrunk the Kids " for deformity that presents some of the protagonists of the canvas.

The newspaper El Pais that he has the queen , her husband and their sons with their families appear . In the foreground of the picture and protagonist , Prince Christian , heir to the throne.

The newspaper said that according to a spokesman for the Royal Danish Collection , the idea of ​​painting the little well of " straight and severe" was that seem " aware of their future responsibilities ," but the effect has been more like a work of Stephen King . In fact, it is a dark painting and faces who appear on her show a terrifying appearance .

Thomas Kluge defends and argues that it is the image of " a modern family and a piece of real history ." And he speaks so seriously that many believe went crazy.

Meanwhile, Kluge painting outlined in Amalienborg Museum until March 2014 , when it moved to the Yellow Room in Fredensborg Palace, to the amazement of the visitors. Some can not help and smile at him. In the Royal Family do not give credit to what happened and expressed his surprise :Four years of work for such a horror !

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